Co-Founder of the Wnt Wndrng Brand.

What is it?

It’s a project founded by friends for the community. It started out as a two man project with a friend with the aim to create a platform for the different artists in town, and it developed as a brand with skateboarding values, music influents and graphic experiments complementing  it with visual arts. 

Every thing we ever did has been done from the heart. Wnt Wndrng isn’t a conventional brand that looks for views and purchases, the project has it’s own values such as experiencing new things, learning and growing together and having fun with it, these are the fundamental parts that sustain the project itself.

If you want to learn more about the project here are some links to our sites:   @wntwndrng


Archive of logotypes used and unused.
All of them under the name of the wntwndrng brand.