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Prototype design of the new Galgo Lento album named Martinet! It consists of a little informative postcard, an A3 Poster with the lyrics behind and the vinyl itself.

The album represents the story and the musical and personal process that Martí Galan (Galgo Lento) has immersed himself in.

By treating duality as such, this album decides to lean towards the art of digital printing and screen printing, as it conceptually and visually aligns with the main theme, duality.
Using screen printing techniques, the main photograph has been divided into two parts. The first part, printed on paper, consists of a halftone where only the colors cyan and black are involved. The second part, printed on acetate, uses an acetate that forms a halftone where only the colors magenta and yellow are involved.

The graphic design adopts duality by separating the two halftones, thus directly relating the album's musical concept with Martí.

We could say that the design concept forms a metaphor between the Galgo Lento of 2019 and the current Galgo Lento, which converge in a musical and visual process that defines and gives birth to the same musical album. Moreover, the album explores different musical genres and styles.

Main photograph by Xavi Souto.